About AlterAct

Virtual reality will change our perception of the world. Anything is possible in virtual reality; you can experience situations through the eyes of someone else, you can safely make learning mistakes in any kind of environment, you can prepare yourself for future scenarios before they happen. At AlterAct, we believe if you want someone to truly understand something, you need to completely immerse them in a learning experience. This is why we create immersive journeys.


AlterAct is a new venture. This initiative is a combined focus between TinQwise and entrepreneurs Sam Ryan, John Heukers and Octavian Nasui. AlterAct does research, design, development and implementation of immersive learning solutions for organizations.

Meet the team

‘What if I could be you?’

Joost Uitdewilligen, TinQwise
Joost Uitdewilligen - TinQwise

‘What would the world look like if I could be you? If we could feel empathy not just for the people close to us, but for total strangers too?’ This is a question that keeps Joost Uitdewilligen busy. Joost is creative director at TinQwise and conducts research on immersive learning. Within AlterAct he and the team work on immersive learning solutions for businesses.



‘I believe in learning by experience’

Sam Ryan (middle)
‘Two years ago I woke up one morning with a bump on my head and found myself in Delft. I graduated with a MSc. in Strategic Product Design with an interest in virtual reality and a belief in immersive learning. Think of something you learned from childhood. Hold it in your mind. Now ask yourself why you remember it. Chances are you didn’t read it in a book or see it on television- you experienced it for yourself, and that is why it has been stuck in your mind for all these years. I believe in learning by experience, simply because I believe it is the best way to learn. I am driven to make this type of learning accessible to others through the medium of virtual reality.’

‘Immersive technology is able to improve the lives of people’

John Heukers (left)
‘Ever since watching science fiction shows during my childhood I’ve been excited about advancements in technology, and anything that pushes our lives closer to the futuristic image I grew up with from those shows. In later life I pursued an education in artificial intelligence and game technology for this same reason. I’m very excited about the rapid progress that has been made in immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, and this has been a big motivation for me to start a career in this field.

Virtual and augmented reality enables us to have experiences, which normally would not be accessible to us due to financial limitations, safety concerns or any other reason. It can present information in a way that engages the full range of our senses, and allows us to internalize these as actual, real experiences. I truly believe that immersive technology is able to improve the lives of a lot of people, and I’m excited that we’re able to contribute to this field.’

‘I’ve seen the power of immersive learning’

Octavian Nasui (right)
‘I’m a Romanian guy finding his place in The Netherlands. I studied Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany and Game and Media Technology at Utrecht University. I am passionate about computer graphics, logic and videogame production.

Last year, during a demo event, we presented a project which gave users an inside experience into the life in a sweatshop worker. One girl there made me realize the potential of immersive learning. After experiencing the sweatshop herself, she was completely convinced of the situation. She apologized to her Pakistani boyfriend for not believing in his stories. All facts and discussions were nothing compared to the first hand experience. This is the real power of immersive learning.’