Immersive Learning Solutions for Your Business

What if you could change professional behaviour more successfully? Immersive learning compliments the existing learning styles of your organization, giving you a holistic approach to learning and behavioural change. We believe that virtual reality can contribute to change strategies more effectively and appeal to a larger audience within your organization. Immersive learning opens up a whole new world of training possibilities.

What is immersive learning?

In virtual reality everything is possible. You can experience situations through the eyes of someone else, you can safely make learning mistakes in any kind of environment, you can prepare yourself for future scenarios before they happen. If you want someone to truly understand something, you need to completely immerse him in a learning experience. With virtual reality, and for example the Oculus Rift, you can. We call this immersive learning.

virtual reality

Immersive learning put into practice

There is a wide range of applications. For example, immersive learning can be used in emergency response training, or to make fire service and police training sessions more realistic. Doctors can experience what it is like to be a patient, and schools can use immersive learning in anti-bullying programmes. Oil companies can help new employees safely practise routines and operations on a virtual oil rig. Role reversals can help men and women experience gender discrimination in the work place.

OK interesting, but does it work?
We absolutely believe it does! Of course you don’t have to take our word for it, and we are not the first to play in the virtual reality space. In fact, in the next articles we’ll show you the most important advantages on immersive learning, based on scientific research.

Briefly, these are the main benefits of immersive learning:
1. it is holistic and scalable
2. it is ahead in experiential learning
3. it improves employee performance

Besides, immersive learning has measurable ROI.

In this online magazine we will tell you all about virtual reality and immersive learning.

Enjoy reading!