ROI of e-learning

Only companies with a well-trained workforce can stay ahead of the competition in our rapidly changing world. So it’s crucial for companies to invest in staff development and to measure the ROI of e-learning.

Another trend we see is the need for HR and Learning & Development departments to prove that investing in learning is actually worthwhile. After all, operations and management are keen to improve the return on investment (ROI) of staff development while investing less money and resources in training. How can you make sure that online learning has a positive ROI?

Read this E-dossier with tips and best practices so you can increase the ROI of online learning. We will show you why calculating the ROI of learning is important, which ROI method you can use, how other companies and organisations are calculating the ROI of training and what the critical success factors are for improving the ROI of online learning.

Enjoy this E-dossier,