TinQwise examines the 70:20:10 philosophy


It’s the latest and greatest in the L&D world: 70:20:10. Time, therefore, to take a good hard look at the most recent learning philosophy. How should we apply it, and how can it help?

The theory pretty much boils down to the following: you learn most through ‘doing’: 70 %. In addition, 20 % of what you learn is from colleagues and your network and 10 % from formal training.
In this e-dossier, Paul Vossen, creative director at TinQwise, and Fred Paas, professor of educational psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, discuss the philosophy. Our conclusion: 70:20:10 is an inspiring guideline for developing learning programmes. However, make sure to look before you leap.
70:20:10: a quick introduction

Would you like a brief introduction to 70:20:10 before reading further? If so, watch this four minute video from the man who developed the theory <link to ‘Basiscursus 70:20:10’ for the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrBJcmAKSAQ#t=209>
We hope you will be inspired by reading this article!



P.S. Are you interested to see how we at TinQwise incorporate 70:20:10 into learning programmes? If so, take a look at our case studies: Van Lanschot Bankiers, PON and Pameijer.