Five tips for implementing 70:20:10 in your organisation

Effective organisations provide people with the right information and resources at the right time through the right channels. According to the 70:20:10 philosophy, working is learning. Read how to implement 70:20:10 successfully in your organisation.

  1. Create a community of practice
    Social learning, networking, community building, and so on. Learning from others is effective. Ensure social learning, create a network and let people contribute to the learning community and actively share their knowledge and experiences.

    2. Provide people with experiences
    People learn best from their work and the work of others. Include real-life experiences in your learning programme. Make sure that employees can gain new experiences within a network of colleagues. Give them the opportunity to practise in other roles and other functions. Create a learning guild and empower people to support and coach one another.

  2. Support the 70 with good (online) just-in-time training
    Make effective use of formal learning (the 10) to support the informal, experience-based learning. Also use smart learning interventions, exactly when they are needed to learn something (just-in-time). Professor Fred Paas believes that the 70 should be managed using the 10/20 if the learning pathway is to be effective. Read about his vision.

    4. Inspire and reflect
    Reflect on case studies and approaches. Introduce storytelling, get employees blogging and answering questions in a community, evaluate personal learning results and adjust accordingly.

    5. Supervise
    Let employees know what you expect of them and why. Determine the learning outcomes, together. Managers can create the right context for the learner, address behaviour and adjust where necessary. It is also useful if managers are aware that every project they set up for their team provides a learning experience.

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