Holistic and scalable learning

Does your current learning strategy reach all the relevant employees? And how do your employees prepare for important business scenario’s? Learning specialists agree that experiential learning is most effective. However, learning on the job is simply not possible in every situation. Immersive learning can solve this problem.

All-embracing Learning

Immersive learning is designed to help learners experience learning material, they would otherwise only be able to read, listen or observe through demonstrations. Immersive learning compliments the existing learning styles of your organization, giving you a holistic approach to learning and behavioural change. We believe that virtual reality can contribute to change strategies that are more effective and appeal to a larger audience within your organization.

Learning Becomes Expandable

Immersive learning gives learners easy, any time access to experiential learning. Real world learning experiences simply cannot compete on this scale. They are too costly, resource intensive and location based.

Convenient and integrated

Learning by experience has traditionally been an inconvenient, resource intensive process. Think of learning to drive a vehicle. Classes are held in a fixed location. Students need to travel to this location, receive lectures from a teacher, then schedule one on one lessons with their teacher and reserve a car for practice. Learning to drive a car is not convenient, accessible or time or cost effective. But learning by doing is the only way to truly understand how to drive a vehicle.

immersive learning: convenient and integrated

Cost Efficient

Now, imagine if students could learn and prepare in a virtual vehicle before entering an real vehicle. This pre-learning could shorten the time required behind the wheel of a real vehicle and improve a driver’s skills and abilities. Learners could access this learning anytime, anywhere and when the learning moment is right for the student. Now think about your company or organization. What if you could lower the high costs of experiential learning, while keeping the high impact effect?
Immersive learning is time and cost efficient. Once you have designed and developed an immersive learning environment, it is scalable. Your organization can use it as many times as you like, at any time and any place.

Safe Learning Environments

However, there is more to it. Immersive learning also helps employees mentally prepare for future business scenarios in failure safe, virtual environments. Your learning feels very real, but it is only virtual. Employees benefit from the realistic scenario’s they participate in, but they will safely return from their journeys.