FAQ immersive learning

Immersive learning is still new. If you have any questions about this new learning solution please contact us, or read the frequently asked questions below.

1. When is immersive learning a good solution?
What if you could change professional behaviour more successfully? Immersive learning compliments the existing learning styles of your organization, giving you a holistic and modern approach to learning and behavioural change. We believe that virtual reality can contribute to change strategies more effectively and appeal to a larger audience within your organization. Immersive learning opens up a whole new world of training possibilities. It can be scalable and cost-efficient and has measurable ROI.

2. When is immersive learning not the best solution for your company?

Not every situation calls for immersive learning. Sometimes the cost of developing an immersive learning  application significantly outweighs the costs of traditional role playing. Or, for example, if the learning experience is extremely complex and requires a high level of human interaction which is best done between people or actors instead of virtual characters. However, in many situations immersive learning can offer cost effective entry level learning experiences, which save time required for more advanced and complex learning experiences.

3. How can you guarantee that people have a positive virtual experience?

Immersive learning is still very new, but we believe that three things are important to ensure a positive virtual experience. First of all, focus: people need to be able to focus both in the virtual world and psychologically. We therefore guide people, telling them what they are seeing and what they should do. Secondly, the learner needs to be able to identify with the situation and the people he sees, which requires imagination and personally relevant stimuli. Finally, reflection is crucial. We help our subjects understand what they are dealing with and the choices they have.’


Immersive learning can cause traumas when people are exposed to violent and disturbing content, especially when they are not expecting this. This is the power of immersive technology. To be completely clear, our mission is to make people smarter and more experienced through immersive learning. We are designing learning experiences. And we do carefully so.
We like to review all of our content with clients upfront and get their approval before showing content to end users. This way clients can sign off and give approval before finalizing immersive learning experiences.