How we work

1. Meet & Understand

We like to understand the needs of our clients, frame their problems and explore if immersive learning is the right solution to their problem. Sometimes this involves showing demos of our work, other times it means making a small, simple demo for the client before the project begins. We know virtual reality is new to most people, and sometimes this requires a little boost of confidence in the beginning.

2. Research & Analyze

There is little value in developing learning material without an understanding the end user and their learning needs. This is why we advise some research and analysis of the problem area prior to design and development. Think of this as the muscles of the skeleton. To create this muscle, we employ research methods, such as qualitative interviewing with experts, co-creation clients and end users, role playing and even simple user testing of early stage prototypes.

3. Create & Conceptualize

We love creating new ideas, and we are good at it too. But the best ideas are built on methods and criteria, which ensure quality and success. This is why we build concepts around key insights and criteria from user-centered research. We develop concepts internally, as well as with clients using co-creation.

immersive learning solutions for your organization

4. Develop & Execute

Virtual reality is a highly technical field of practice, which is why we take such care in development and execution. We like being on the cutting edge, which means we use advances techniques and the latest software programs to deliver high quality, deeply impactful learning experiences. Immersive learning isn’t about talking the talk, it’s about walking the talk.

5. Implement

Immersive learning and virtual reality are new to most people, which is why we guide clients through to implementation. We develop and range of learning solutions, from stand alone applications for use on mobile platforms, such as the GearVR, to high end solutions for the HTC Vive and Oculus. We can integrate these solutions into web applications so you can track user progress and make the most out of immersive learning. We treat each client problem uniquely, which means each immersive learning solutions is unique as well.

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Are you interested in immersive learning? Would you like to cooperate with AlterAct and or TinQwise? Please contact us. We are happy to first inform or advise you in an informal conversation. Immersive learning may be a great solution for your business as a stand alone learning solution, or as in combination with other learning solutions.


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